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My Offerings

Single Session: $100 / 60 minutes or 3 Session Package $275

I like to refer to my most booked sessions as an "energetic mirror". I scan your energy from crown to root and assess what energy centers need some clearing. I send healing reiki energy to these areas while using my intuitive abilities to provide guidance to help you continue healing after our time together. This session starts with a video phone call to touch base before I start sending reiki and ends with another phone call recapping what I felt and future guidance. I include an oracle card pull and leave room for questions and/or intentions at the beginning and the end of sessions.

DISTANCE reiki for postpartum 
Single Session: $100 / 60 minutes
*This session is to support women in the highly sensitive time of postpartum.*

This is very similar to my distance reiki & energy reading with an emphasis on where you are at physically and mentally during this major life shift. After my own experience postpartum, I believe women deserve WAY more support during this time and like to use this hour to focus solely on YOU.

*This session is to support women who are pregnant or actively in conception.
Please note: I do not identify as a psychic and do not use my sessions as predictive. If you would like predictive information about future partners or children, please seek out a psychic reading. This session is meant to help you integrate your energy with baby energy and more deeply connect with yourself.*
Single Session: $100 / 60 minutes

We will hold space to feel and connect to your body during this highly sensitive time in a session very similar to the above reiki sessions. I include an oracle card reading and room for questions and/or intentions at the beginning and the end of sessions.

I am currently on maternity leave starting May 2022. Please check back in July 2022 for bookings to open up! Sending you well wishes while I'm away!

If you are a NEW CLIENT, I highly suggest using the "contact me" section below to schedule an exploratory call before booking a session. I am happy to give you a call to see if we are a good fit and answer any questions!

FYI I'm only booking distance sessions at this time. I plan to start offering in-person again in Summer/Fall 2022!

Hi, I'mTory

I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher in New Jersey. I received my reiki certifications from Asha Surti in 2018-2020 and completed Kelly Meehan's spirit baby communication mentorship in 2021. 


My mission is to help you feel like YOU again. 
I use energy work and intuitive guidance to help you get back into your body and into the present moment so you can lead a more mindful and intentional life. 


My journey to energy work and embracing my path as a healer began while I was working my corporate job in NYC. I was burnt out, anxious and in search of a way to feel more connected to myself. I am still fascinated at how much better I feel after reiki and tapping into my intuition. I am more present, in my creative flow, sleep better and even notice a difference in my memory. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve the same and beyond!


My world changed forever when I welcomed my daughter into the world in May 2020. After my own experience with conception, pregnancy and post-partum, I am so excited to offer support I could not easily find during my own journey. I use my intuitive gifts to connect women more deeply to themselves and to the souls of babies in the realms of before life, pregnancy and postpartum in my sessions. 


I was gifted a virtual session with Tory and wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d only done energy work in person. I was blown away! I told her at the end of the session that it felt like we were in the same room. She not only made me feel so comfortable and heard, but offered insight in a very “take it or leave it” way that was so accessible. I was also impressed by how accurate and applicable the insight she shared was. I would love to do another session and would recommend her to anyone!

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