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distance reiki
$90 / 60 minutes

I can send you some reiki love in the comfort of your own home! I use my intention and intuition to tap into your energetic body and send the same universal life force energy (reiki) your way for this abbreviated session. I know it can seem weird to think about but I like to remind everyone that we all talk via our cellphones, text, send emails etc. without being able to see the energy transmitting with our physical eyes. Energy is all around us, all the time! The only thing I ask is that, during the session, you sit or lay down alone, away from technology, and RELAX. The before/after conversations will still be a part of the session along with me passing along any intuitive guidance/messages that may come through.

Reiki I Training

Hi, I'mTory

Tory is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher in Summit, New Jersey. She received her Level I, Level II, and RMT certification from Asha Surti in 2018-2020. 


While exploring her spirituality through holistic health, astrology, and yoga, reiki called to Tory as way to find grounding and solace in a hectic city. She knew there had to be more to life than the typical 9-5 "grind" lifestyle, and felt immediately drawn to reiki energy as a healing modality that could better her life, and the lives of her loved ones. Through tapping into beautiful reiki energy, Tory has been able to stay more present in the moment and live a more intuitively guided life.


Tory believes deeply in the power of energy and the ability to heal ourselves with positive intention and an open heart. She can’t wait to share the gift of this infinite love and light as you start your healing journey with reiki.     


“She was AMAZING! Everything

she touched on was spot on and I

was so grateful for all the messages.

She has gained a new client!”

Review from Victoria
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